Oh I can’t wait for the new Transformers Prime epis- oh.



Maldita sea, I forgot my only and few brush pens at my parents home OTL

Ugh, what a predicament. I’ll miss them dearly :( 

Snif, fanworks are giving me all the feelings for Knockout and Breakdown ;—; I can’t ;___;

Just wanted to say that I think your art is very beautiful!

Oh my, thank you <333  I’m so glad you liked it :>

Sorry for the delay in the answer D: 

I feel kinda sad because I just finished Transformers Prime and… I want to know and watch what happens next with everyone ;-; I read there’s gonna be a sequel (Transformers Robots in Disguise) and I will watch it and read some comics and see what else there is… but I will really, REALLY miss the beautiful designs and animation, because to me they are perfect and the reason I started watching TFP ;-;

I want a continuation where Optimus is reborn in a new little bot and the guys are his mentors, because I want to see Bumblebee being like his dad and Smokescreen spoiling him and… I want to see more Bumblebee, Smokescreen and Knockout adventures ;-;

I’ll even miss the kids and agent Fowler xD And everyone :(


hotmilkytea replied to your post:


Yay! :DDD But I just finished it and now I feel kinda sad it is over ;-;

I’m away from home and with lots of delay work, so I’m sorry to the persons I still owe stuff :(

I’ll be back at home next week, and I hope I can finish more stuff by then.

Meanwhile, since I don’t have much to do right now (I’m at my parents’ home visiting) I began to watch Transformers Prime yesterday.

I need to read the comics, but I can’t read and work at the same time, because that’s what I am doing while watching the series, since I am doing my thesis practical project in gouache :/

I am in love with the designs


Will be taking in 5 commissions for this week! Send me an ask for any questions or orders!

Sorry, I had to.

But I just wanted to do the first and last 3 seconds so everything in between is crap  badly done.

I just finished an important deadline today, so I gave myself an hour to do free stuff… I’ll finish the commission I owe tonight I hope :S