Ugh, I’ve been way too busy with something pretty PRETTY important which deadline is next week, so I have not draw anything fandom related. Not even turtles. 

Plus, the landlady threw us out of the apartment so now I’m unemployed and with the unexpected expenses of moving to a new one (and jeez rents are so stupidly high wtf). The project I’m working on right now will give me money in a couple of months ): but it’s worth it and I’m living from my last savings orz

I have a tight situation right now, but as soon as august is over I’ll begin to look for a more steady job… even if I end up working at a mcdonalds with my new and fresh masters degree, oh yeaaaah orz Design is hard, man. Poorly payed and poorly acknowledged.

What the fuck is going to happen with my life I don’t know. 

I’m taking a break because I’m just so tired and I’ve been kinda bitter for the last three days. But it’s almost over, almost! I’m optimistic.

I owe one commission too, sorry OTL →



I feel kinda sad because I just finished Transformers Prime and… I want to know and watch what happens next with everyone ;-; I read there’s gonna be a sequel (Transformers Robots in Disguise) and I will watch it and read some comics and see what else there is… but I will really, REALLY miss the…

Taiyariiii I didn’t to know you were in to Transformers Prime ;v; READ MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! You will enjoy that series. It’s also by IDW. As for TFP the there’s already a sneak peek for the next part on YouTube :> it’s 2d/3d animated but it’s the same art style as TFP

OMG YES! As soon as I’m free I’ll check it out :DDD I haven’t seen the sneak peek yet. I’m so glad you like it, now I will be able to understand and enjoy more your tranformers art <3

Non-spoilery points about TMNT 2014


Yesterday I watched the movie in an early screening with lachtna​. To be honest I went with mixed feelings, I wasn’t sure what to expect. (I even decided to watch some of Next Mutation a week before just to be reminded the varying qualities that his franchise has.)

At the end, I ended with a big smile. It wasn’t was bad as I feared. I actually enjoyed it a lot! These are some points about the movie that you may find interesting. I’ll try not to be too specific so I don’t spoil anything, but still read with caution.

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I thought the same. Specially about what my biggest complain was. Really spot on comment of some of the most general stuff we saw.

There are lots of little things that made it QUITE enjoyable, and we already have so many headcanons about these turtles. I just ended loving the big guys, even though I hated the designs at first. They are still not my fave part but I can say that now I want to draw them.

And I’m really glad I just watched the first trailer and refrain from watching everything else, because that way I felt everything like a nice surprise and felt the movie less short.

cesarin replied to your post: I watched the new TMNT movie yesterday.

3 times? was it really enjoyable?

Maybe the third time will be just me being obsessed, but it was certainly enjoyable :)

sanzako replied to your post: We got a nice figure with the Cinemex …

I need a better camera. The pcitures I took sucked. Me prestas la tuya? xD

Claro! Bueno, yo las tomé con el ipad xD Pero para una cámara bien, aquí está la de Elena y Claudio xD

We got a nice figure with the Cinemex combo yesterday at the special screening sanzako won tickets for. I really liked the movie, it’s simple, it’s funny, the action scenes are awesome and Splinter is fucking GREAT. I’ll wait for sanzako's review to say more, but I just couldn't wait to show this xD

I can’t wait to watch it again, but in IMAX. The use of 3D in the movie just makes it totally worth it. We felt like we were hit by Donnie’s Bo a couple of times!

I watched the new TMNT movie yesterday.

I will see it again at least two times more. I could say so much more about it but maybe later, I won’t post spoilers.

I exited the cinema excited and with a big smile, laughing and talking a lot with sanzako.

Thanks it was not what we feared.

I’m watching the new TMNT movie on August 5th!!


Which is kind of awesome and weird because I shouldn’t have won that contest…

But who cares! Thanks Nick!!

lachtna is coming too.

OH YEAH Thanks to the awesome sanzako and her incredible good luck, we are watching a special screening on august 5!!! :DDD

Thank you for inviting me ;u; !!!! 

Oh I can’t wait for the new Transformers Prime epis- oh.



Maldita sea, I forgot my only and few brush pens at my parents home OTL

Ugh, what a predicament. I’ll miss them dearly :(