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Hi, I like to draw stuff because I become obsessed over other stuff. This is my sketch tumblr. Feel free to say hi!

Lachtna is my main account, where I reblog what inspires me or makes me laugh. I'm currently obsess with Transformers and TMNT.
:: Sorry, some NSFW fanarts ahead ::

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  • zizzyblack:

    Another exciting purchase!!!

    I have fallen in love with the chibi turtles and I HAD to have another thing with the design on it!
    The wonderful design of the 2014 turtles, was made by the incredible noodle2thedoodle and you can buy her amazing merchandise right HERE! 

    I stumbled over an incredible artist, when I was looking for sweet TMNT loot! Just look at the flashy red pillow, with the boys we know and love! Too cute! The artist is Taiyari and their shop is HERE! 

    Sorry for gushing!
    I’m just so excited to receive such wonderful, beautiful items! <3

    ((I couldn’t resist taking a picture with my plushies, too. forgive me))

    WOW THANK YOU :D <3333 And thanks for posting the photos *^* I’m so glad you got one, I feel honored ;u;

    Hi! Sorry to bother you :( I didn’t want to end here doing emergency commissions, but I don’t have many options :( I’ve been looking for a job since last month, and I haven’t even find one at a starbucks or something :( Our landlady kicked us out and I had to move, so I had to pay something called deposit for the new apartment (that’s like two months of rent in one go), the moving service kind of tricked us so it was expensive and still we had to move great part of our stuff (which was hellish), and we had to pay two months of phone, maintenance, gas, water and light, plus many other little things :(  I had to ask borrowed to being able to get great part of the money, since my own savings didn’t do it (I was not expecting all this).

    So now I’m in more debt than ever, still looking for a job and I really only have 10 dollars for the rest of the month :( I’m selling my fridge but still no luck with that :( 

    These are the reasons for me asking you if you could at least help me reblogging this? Pretty please? Thank you ;u;

    I don’t have phone or internet in the new apartment, so I’m sorry if I don’t answer right away :(

    THANK YOU!!!!! <333

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