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Hi, I like to draw stuff because I become obsessed over other stuff. This is like my sketch tumblr or something. Feel free to speak!

Lachtna at my main account for reblogs. Currently obsess with Transformers and TMNT. My other fandoms include RoTG, Sherlock, Thor, Latin Hetalia, Invader Zim, Pacific Rim and god knows what else. :: Some NSFW fanarts ahead ::

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    //I’m loving my new tote bag by taiyari! It looks gorgeous! 


    So it was you who bought it!!! WOW THANK YOU <333 Does the print quality look good?? :O

    //You’re so welcomed! <33 I think it looks great! (Oh hey, my little Leo :3)


    OMG your cat is ADORABLE <3 And his name is Leo? AAAW <333 *w*

    Thanks for sharing the photo! :D I’m so glad the printing quality is nice :D Thank you again *hugs*

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