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Hi, I like to draw stuff because I become obsessed over other stuff. This is like my sketch tumblr or something. Feel free to speak!

Lachtna at my main account for reblogs. Currently obsess with Transformers and TMNT. My other fandoms include RoTG, Sherlock, Thor, Latin Hetalia, Invader Zim, Pacific Rim and god knows what else. :: Some NSFW fanarts ahead ::

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  • Hi! Probably you would like to tumblr savior me?


    I am in the mood to draw Transformers NSFW. And, I’m not entirely comfortable with nsfw stuff in my tumblr… but I really don’t like to post images in text mode post because they get shrunk horrible. I made a little test with my last post and I didn’t like it.

    So, I’ll just have to accept the fact to openly display nsfw fanart.

    That said, maybe you want to tumblr savior the next tag:

    #TF NSFW

    Sorry to everyone who doesn’t like this stuff. Maybe you will just unfollow me xD

    Ok… good night!!! 

    Reblogging again. Sorry D:

    I hated transformers and now look at me, it’s 2:00 am and I’m drawing transformers porn from TF: Animated.

    Look at your life, look at your choices orz.

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